The pocket money paragraph: From this age, children are allowed to shop


There are discussions in all families about the amount of pocket money and what children are allowed to buy with it. The question often arises as to how much a child is allowed to spend and what regulations there are with the pocket money paragraph?

Pocket money paragraph: A question of legal capacity

In Germany, children under seven years of age are Paragraph 104 in the German Civil Code not legally competent. This means that they are not allowed to shop without their parents' permission. This also applies in the event that they receive their own pocket money. Children over the age of seven and up to 17 years of age will then have limited legal capacity. If parents give the child a certain amount of money for free use, this is considered a substitute for consent for each individual purchase. This is regulated in Section 110 of the German Civil Code. Parents do not have to be involved in the purchase itself. In theory, however, you have the option to cancel the purchase. Regardless of whether it is an online purchase or a local purchase. The deadline for this is around 14 days.

The pocket money paragraph

In Germany, there is the so-called pocket money paragraph. It is the 110th paragraph of the Civil Code and describes some additional regulations. If the child exceeds the age of seven, they can generally buy what is age-appropriate. The purchase contract is considered legally effective and the child's parents are bound by the company's applicable rules in the event of a possible return. If parents give their children a certain amount of pocket money, this does not replace the purchase. However, it is up to the parents to decide how much pocket money they want to give their children. By the way, gifts of money from friends, grandparents or other people are also affected by the pocket money paragraph.

Section 110 BGB — Carry out the service with your own resources
A contract concluded by the minor without the consent of the legal representative is considered effective from the outset if the minor performs the contractual performance using means provided to him for this purpose or at his own free disposal by the representative or with his consent by a third party.

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That's what the pocket money table says

How much money should be given to your own child during the week or month? This is, of course, at the discretion of parents. that German Youth Institute However, together with the youth welfare offices, has set guidelines that are considered recommendations. We have summarized how high these are in the official table.

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Bling can be a support here

Learn how to handle money correctly. It's not that easy at all. This also includes bad purchases or an unagreed purchase. The big advantage of bling is that parents can deactivate individual retailers. In this way, the child can then with his Pocket money card Don't buy from selected companies. In addition, parents can also track exactly where the offspring bought something — even in real time.

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