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Die Macher:innen von Morgen lernen mit der Bling Card & App den Umgang mit Geld. Sie bezahlen selbständig mit ihrer eigenen Karte und mit voller Sicherheit. Die Eltern behalten alles im Blick.

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Most children receive their first pocket money when they start school. This way, they learn how to handle their own finances and gain their first experience of saving. Pocket money is usually paid out in cash. However, shopping is becoming increasingly digital in the 21st century and children also like to browse their favorite stores online.

Cash payments are also becoming rarer in local stores and even parents are leading the way: To ensure that children also have access to everyday payment transactions, it is worth purchasing an age-appropriate card. With their own pocket money card from Bling, children learn about topics such as card payments and digital shopping at an early age, and in an increasingly digitalized world in which electronic payments have become a matter of course, it is important that children understand how to use digital means of payment.

Kids pay securely by card

Kids learn how to handle digital money

Learning by doing with the Bling App

The Bling App comes with a kid's view and a parent's view. Both make your family financially savvy. With dozens of functions for payment, savings and spending, Bling supports your family in everyday life!

Kid's view
Parent's view

An experience for life

Children age 7+ have their first payment experience with the Bling Card. Paying on their own for the first time is an unforgettable experience! Btw: Your child doesn't need their own smartphone for this.

First payment experience for children

Paying and learning independently

The Bling Card grows with your child: The older your child gets, the more freedom you can give them through your app. And thanks to their own app view, kids can keep an eye on their income and expenditure.

Independent young people

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Educational app
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Kids learn how to handle money with ease

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Dozens of functions including the Task Planner

Safety without compromise

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Ordering a Bling Card is faster than brushing your teeth!

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Bling grows safely with your child – With the trust mode.

Simply specify whether you want to see where your child has shopped.

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Piggy bank goes digital.
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The in-app Saving Pots
make saving fun!

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Cool designs
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You can order the Bling Skin stickers via your Bling App and stick them onto the Bling Card. Dozens of designs make each Bling Card unique.

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Is there a minimum age for the Bling Card?

Your child must be at least 7 years old to pay with a Bling Card. After that, Bling grows with your child. The older they get, the more freedom you can give them.

Where does the Bling Card work?

Wherever you want to and wherever Mastercard is accepted. This includes online, in-store and restaurants, for example! You have the flexibility to decide where your child can pay with Bling.

Are there any fees?

We rely on a fair and transparent pricing model to finance the development of Bling. Bling costs either €2.99 per month (can be canceled monthly) or €32 per year (can be canceled annually) per child and card. Bling therefore costs less than a book, a Netflix subscription or a bubble tea. The card and many popular functions are included.

You and your family will not incur any additional charges for standard use of Bling. Certain special promotions can incur considerable costs for us or our banking partner, which we will pass on to you and which are listed here.

My family can't afford Bling

Don't worry!. We want all families to have the opportunity for digital financial education. If your family can't afford the monthly subscription, please get in touch with our support team. We'll find a solution together.

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Vivianne loves Bling because:

“Tim can finally make online purchases safely.”

Paying safely

Her son Tim loves Bling because:

“I have an overview of my savings now.”

Saving Pots

More information

Credit Card for Kids: Learning Financial Independence

In an increasingly digitalized world, in which electronic payments have become a matter of course, it is important that children understand how to use digital means of payment. Their own pocket money card enables them to shop online, carry out digital transactions and understand the various aspects of electronic payments. Children must Learn how to handle money, because it accompanies them throughout their lives. Especially due to the many payments in online shops and the like, it can be difficult to keep track of your own finances, because your wallet simply won't be “empty” anymore. Apart from that, parents quickly get worried when it comes to their own Credit or current card For the next generation, there is: Can the children fall into debt as a result? What do they pay with it?

Nonetheless: Having their own pocket money card enables children to learn how to handle money at an early stage and to take on financial responsibility.

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Bling Card — the alternative to children's EC card/credit card

EC cards and debit cards are usually only available for adolescents and young adults. However, it is also important for children of preschool and primary school age to learn how to handle digital transactions and card payments. The Pocket Money Card for Children from Bling fills exactly this gap. In Germany, young people usually receive a so-called “youth card” or “youth giro card” at the age of 14. This card allows them to withdraw money and make cashless payments.

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However: Internet purchases are often limited or not possible at all. These cards are usually a restricted debit card, which is usually linked to a current account for young people. The Bling prepaid credit card for kids is already working at the age of 7 years. It grows with the child and can be supplemented with additional functions as the child ages.

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Other Smart Pocket Money Card Functions

Save money
Your child can use the pocket money card as a digital piggy bank. It can set savings goals and thus fulfill even bigger wishes.

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Improve pocket money
In the integrated family planner, you define tasks that arise in everyday family life. To complete these tasks, you can make small amounts as Reward Determine and then transfer them in accordance with the agreements.

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It is important that parents accompany their children when using their pocket money card and offer them financial guidance and support. Regular communication about financial decisions, budgeting and savings goals is crucial to support the learning process and to prepare children to handle money responsibly.

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How secure is the prepaid credit card for children?

With Bling's Credit Card for Minors, Children Can't Get Into Debt It is a prepaid card that only works if it is covered. Parents remain in control at all times and are notified via push message every time a payment is made. Parents can also determine where and when the card should work and block certain functions. The Bling Pocket Money Card also offers Significantly more security than carrying cash. Children don't have to carry their money with them and have less risk of losing it or becoming a victim of theft. In the event of loss or theft, the card can be blocked to prevent financial losses. Parents Still Have the Option to Monitor Their Children's Spending via the Pocket Money Card And set certain restrictions. This allows them to promote financial discipline, control spending, and talk to their children about financial decisions.

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Safe in emergency situations: An allowance card can also be useful in emergency situations. When children need money urgently, parents can quickly load money onto the card to help them.

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The Safest Pocket Money Card — Order Online Now

Have you decided to give your child more financial responsibility with your own pocket money card? Then you can easily order your bling pocket money card online — without a bank appointment and without waiting times at the counter. The first step is to download the app to your smartphone and set it up with all the functions that are important to you and your child. At the same time, you order your pocket money card, which will be in your mailbox within a few days. You can have your card sent to your home directly from the app. The setup is intuitive and is explained to you in detail. As soon as the pocket money card has arrived, you can load it with money so that it is ready for the first payment.

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By the way, a trust mode is available for older children and young people, which can be used to deactivate certain monitoring functions!

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How old do you have to be for a debit card?

It is not so easy to get a credit card or a debit card for children. For most banks, the minimum age is between 16 and 18 years if parents remain in control of the account. Without this control, it is usually not possible to obtain a credit card for minors. Some banks also offer a credit card as a partner card for children. The situation is different with bling: From the age of 7, kids can get closer to handling money with the pocket money card without risk.

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If you wantAnd yet: With a debit card for pocket money, kids learn early on how to deposit money, withdraw money, carry out transactions and keep an eye on their account balance. Through active participation in the financial process, they develop basic financial skills and learn about the value of money. Their own account card gives children a certain degree of independence and enables them to dispose of their money independently. They can make their own purchases and manage their expenses.

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The most important features of the pocket money card:

Flexible card usage:
The pocket money card works wherever Mastercard is accepted — including in online shops, retail stores or ice cream parlors.

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Set rules:
Parents set rules for using the pocket money card according to the age of the child. For example, you can determine where your child can pay with it and set limits.

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Deposit pocket money:
In the future, you can simply deposit your child's pocket money into the pocket money card. Withdrawals are also possible at any time.

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What are other benefits of an allowance card?

Classic Bank Cards often have significant disadvantages: They are not connected to an app and have no advanced functions, such as setting savings goals or a task planner to improve pocket money.

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The Bling Pocket Money Card, on the Other Hand, Offers Families a Lot of Freedom & Benefits:

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More Independence: With their own pocket money card, children gain a certain degree of financial independence. They can make purchases on their own and make decisions about the use of their money. This promotes their independence and sense of responsibility.

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Easy online shopping: With an allowance card, children can also shop online. In an increasingly digitalized world, this is essential, so to speak.

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How much does the Pocket Money Card for Children cost?

The prepaid credit card for children is not completely free, but uses a transparent Pricing model. Parents can opt for either a monthly bill or an annual payment. The monthly subscription costs 2.99€ and can be canceled monthly. If you want to pay annually, the pocket money card costs you 32€ and you can cancel it annually. There are no fees for standard daily use of the pocket money card.

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You should also put the costs in relation to the clever benefits for the whole family:If you want

Kids learn quickly and easily how to deposit money, withdraw money, carry out transactions and keep an eye on their account balance. By developing active participation in financial processes and basic financial skills. In addition, they learn the real value of money control in a playful way. Your own Alternative to an account card Gives children a certain degree of independence and enables them to dispose of their money independently.

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More overview of finances with the Bling app

The Pocket Money Card is connected to an app — after all, parents today also usually access their account overview on their smartphones. There are two different apps available for the pocket money card:

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App for teens and young people:
Children who already have their own smartphone can download the app for their pocket money card free of charge. They can also set savings goals if, for example, they want to collect money for a special request. The dashboard clearly lists the current transactions.

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App for parents:
With the parent app, you get absolute security and can monitor your child's financial transactions at any time. The app also allows you to set rules or set tasks that your child can use to earn some extra money. In addition, there are many other features.

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