Complicated fees? Not with Bling.

Bling not only teaches how to handle money, it also costs money.
We need to finance our development to be able to offer families a safe product.

Pocket money card

Our popular card for children aged 7 and over, with which they can pay safely and independently.

Free trial for 14 days, cancel anytime.

Free card for your child

Send pocket money via app

Digital Saving Pots

No hidden fees

Get started now


One subscription, many benefits
for the whole family.

Free trial for 14 days, cancel anytime.

Parent card

Overview family expenses

Unlimited Savings Trees

Free replacement card

Kostenlos bestellen


The mobile tariff especially for families.
15 €/mo
10 €/mo
7 GB
12 GB

Cancel monthly.

Made for parents & children

Surf safely in the best D-Net

Unlimited calls and SMS

EU-Roaming incl. Swiss

Bling Mobile

We answer your questions

Is the pocket money card included in Family+?

No. Family+ is a subscription that you can add to benefit from further useful functions.

What if I end up not loving Bling?

Many families already benefit from integrating Bling into their everyday life but we understand that it isn't perfect for everyone. That's why you get a 14-day free trial, enough time to try out Bling with your child. After that, your subscription automatically transfers to a chargeable subscription. Of course you can cancel anytime, even during the trial period.

Our support is happy to answer your questions.

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