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Mom and dad pay with Bling.

You've been asking us for a Bling Card for parents for over a year. Tada: Here comes the parent card. As simple as the pocket money card, developed for parents in Germany.


Family is action. This card is relaxed.

The parent card is as simple as our pocket money card - with extra options for parents.

Works all over the world and on the Internet

No debts possible - top up at any time

Control via app



Download the Bling app on your smartphone.


Ordering the card takes less than 3 minutes.


Conveniently top up your card with a bank transfer and pay immediately

Keep track of your expenses.

You can see live where and when you have used your card. And you receive a push notification every time you make a payment. No waiting for your bank statement.

Family should not be expensive.

That's why the Parent Card is free if you have a Family+ subscription. There are no hidden fees.

Paying: Free of charge

Recharge: Free of charge

Payments in other currencies: 2% of the amount
Cash withdrawals: 1 time per month free of charge, then EUR 4.99

Einfach echt einfach. Die Karte von Bling.

Why make it complicated when it can be child's play?

Order a parent card in 1 minute and use it to pay anywhere. Without risk and with full control. Simple, isn't it?

Online payments?
Easy peasy!

The Parent Card also works on the Internet. Simply enter the card details from the back and pay with extra protection.

We stand behind you.

A card from Bling is more than just a card. It is a promise that we will support you. With support that doesn't feel like a bank, but like friends.

Where does the card work?

Wherever Mastercard is accepted. So worldwide and on the Internet!

Is my money protected with Bling?

Absolutely. To ensure maximum security for our services, we cooperate with Mastercard and our banking partner Treezor, a subsidiary of the renowned French bank Société Générale. The credit you hold via the Bling app is deposited with our banking partner and is protected by the deposit guarantee up to €100,000.