Der Handytarif für Familien

Einfach per App abschließen und als Familie bestens vernetzt sein.

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Tarife für Groß & Klein

Bling Mobile wurde für Eltern und Kinder entwickelt

17 GB/
monatlich für 15 Euro
12 GB/
monatlich für 10 Euro

Allnet Telefonie & SMS Flat

Surfen mit LTE im besten D-Netz

EU-Roaming inkl. Schweiz

Keine Mindestlaufzeit

Schutz vor Extra-Kosten

Inkl. Rufnummernmitnahme


Manage plans easily
via app

Order and manage your family's mobile plans in the Bling App – Bye-bye, paperwork!

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More family, more gigabytes

Invite your family & friends to Bling Mobile and get a permanent extra 3 GB of data volume per person!


Learning about data can be fun & games

Your child can always keep an eye on their data usage with Data Balloons and learns to use it wisely.

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Coming soon

Child protection

Protect your child by blocking dangerous websites and content with the internet filter.

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Get the app and get started!


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Download the Bling App and register your family

Choose a plan

Select a plan and choose a physical SIM card or eSIM

Start browsing

Activate the SIM card and start surfing right away
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Is Bling Mobile for parents and children?

Yes! Bling Mobile can be used by both parents and children.

Can I keep my old number?

Generally, you can take your current number with you to Bling Mobile free of charge. Depending on what tariff you currently have, however, there are a few things to bear in mind.

How much does Bling Mobile cost?

Bling Mobile is a postpaid contract that can be cancelled monthly. You can cancel your Bling Mobile contract at any time. Your contract will then end 30 days after confirmation of your cancellation. There is no minimum contract term with Bling Mobile and you don't have to top up anything extra. The amount is conveniently debited from your bank account each month. The amount is usually debited on the 11th of the month. You can find prices for our plans here.

Are there any extra fees?

No. Third-party services or chargeable premium numbers, premium text messages and MMS are automatically blocked. No additional costs can be incurred abroad either. Good to know: The ADAC hotline and the sea rescue service are available to you free of charge. With Bling Mobile, you pay monthly for your mobile phone tariff and have full control over your costs. No frills, no expensive special numbers or services and no nasty surprises on your bill.

What makes Bling Mobile better for families?

Bling Mobile is particularly family-friendly because you can conveniently view and manage all your tariffs in the Bling App. You have a precise overview of your consumption and the automatic blocking of chargeable third-party services means there are no additional unwanted costs.