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Investing money is child's play! With the saving trees, you can invest money sustainably for yourself and your family. From as little as €1.

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Investing always involves risk. The money is invested and managed by Evergreen GmbH.

The savings tree: investing money for children.

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Because big things can come from small sums

A Investing money for children can literally be a valuable support. Because there are always bigger expenses in life — that starts with a new bike, a driver's license or a year abroad during school time. Make big expenses all at once? This is a challenge for parents, which is of course not always possible.

With a savings tree at Bling — a long-term investment for children — you can make provisions: for your own kids, for your godchild or for your grandchildren. In the long run, small individual sums become a good reserve that can be used for various purposes. If larger sums are then required, you can talk to the child about whether it makes sense to use the sparbaum for this purpose.

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The money is invested sustainably. You can deposit and withdraw the balance at any time.

Investing money - family-friendly.

Investing is complicated? Not with the Bling app! We've made it child's play with the saving trees. This makes investing family-friendly!

Tree grows when depot grows

The whole family can deposit money

Invest for the future of your children
Plant a savings tree for your children and invest from as little as €1. You are 100% flexible and can choose whether you want to pay in a regular amount.
Daily deposit and withdrawal
You can increase and pay out the balance in the savings trees at any time. Grandparents, godparents and other family members can also deposit money conveniently via IBAN transfer.
Flexible savings plan
You have the flexibility to decide how much and how often you want to deposit money. The money is actively managed and invested in a broadly diversified manner. You can find out more here.
Open an account in 10 minutes
A visit to the counter and dozens of documents? Not with Bling! Simply download the app, register your family and deposit money. It's all digital and child's play.

Money in saving trees is invested sustainably.

Whenever you pay money into a savings tree, it is invested in sustainable funds. Our partner and asset manager Evergreen from Leipzig invests the money in over 2,500 sustainable shares, government bonds and impact investments. This broad distribution allows your family to participate in the performance of the markets while minimizing the risk of a loss of value in the long term.

Geld, das du investierst, ist immer einem Risiko ausgesetzt. Ebendieses Risiko führt auch dazu, dass du eine Rendite erzielen kannst. Bei den Bling Sparbäumen hast du die Möglichkeit, für jeden Sparbaum eine eigene Risikostufe (von 1 bis 10) festzulegen. Basierend auf deiner Risikostufe wird das Geld sicherheits- oder ertragsorientierter investiert. Dabei ist das Anlagekonzept aber grundsätzlich konservativ und dank aktivem Risikomanagement werden Schwankungen reduziert. Im Vergleich zu einem Investment in eine einzelne Unternehmensaktie kannst du aufgrund der verteilten Strategie übrigens auch nie das komplette Geld verlieren. Mehr dazu findest du hier.
Geld, das du in die Sparbäume investierst, wird verteilt in Aktien und Anleihen investiert. Und wenn sich die Märkte negativ entwickeln, wird das Geld nicht investiert und in einer Kasse gehalten. Um das Risiko zu minimieren, wird das Geld übrigens nicht in einzelne Aktien investiert, sondern in Aktienpakete. Mehr dazu kannst du hier lesen.

Im Unterschied zu einem gewöhnlichen ETF wird täglich angepasst, wie das Geld investiert wird. Steigen die Kurse, wird mehr in Aktienpakete investiert. Fallen die Kurse, wird der Anteil an Aktienpaketen reduziert, um dich vor hohen Verlusten zu schützen. Das Gleiche gilt auch für die Anleihenquote.
Was bringt es, in die Zukunft zu investieren, wenn es keine Zukunft gibt? Deshalb beinhaltet die Auswahl der Wertpapiere ein mehrstufiges Screeningverfahren, welches darauf ausgerichtet ist, schädliche Investitionen auszuschließen. Für das tägliche Risikomanagement werden ESG-Indizes verwendet, die viele verschiedene nachhaltig selektierte Aktien aus der ganzen Welt enthalten. Außerdem verpflichten sich die Fonds dazu, mindestens 40 % seines Fondsvolumens in Green Bonds zu investieren, also in Anleihen, die ausschließlich in nachhaltige Projekte investieren.Die Fonds haben gemäß EU-Offenlegungsverordnung die ESG-Klassifizierung Artikel 8, die zeigt, dass eine klare Nachhaltigkeitstrategie verfolgt wird.

Das MSCI ESG-Rating bewertet die Fonds mit AA (Stand: 1. März 2023):

Emils saving tree has been growing since his birth.


Emil's parents invested €800 once and then 25% of their child benefit every month.

Balance of € 17,966 (€ 3,774 income) on the 18th birthday
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A strategy for families.

Discover how we manage to make your savings trees grow with a conservative investment strategy.


With just 16 € per month financed the driver's license

Julia's mom has invested €16 a month since her 8th birthday. On her 18th birthday, the savings tree has a balance of €2,100 with a return of €251.

A driver's license for €16 per month

10 years saved, exchange year financed

Invested from the 6th birthday. Exchange year paid from the 16th birthday.

Frederike's exchange year in the USA cost €10,000. With an investment of €80 per month since her 6th birthday, her parents were able to afford it.

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Only 0.59 % of the fund volume per year

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This makes the subject of taxes child's play.

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The securities account is managed in Germany.

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You invest, we do the rest.

From tax deductions to diversification. Sounds complicated, and it is. That's why we do it for you.

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Why should I create a savings tree for my child?

Whether it's for a driving license, initial investment, education or for free disposal - long-term investments are ideal for children. Because as we know, the longer the investment period, the stronger the compound interest effect. In this way, you can contribute to your child's financial and professional independence. You can also reduce the future financial burden on your family.

What's the savings tree all about?

With the savings tree, Bling has developed an innovative display that makes investing family-friendly. The more the balance in your custody account increases, the more your virtual savings tree grows. By the way: you can customize your savings tree in the app. The color, tree species or landscape do not change anything about your investment. You can change the design at any time.

At what age should I start a savings tree for my child?

As a rule, the earlier you start investing money for your children, the better. This is because the longer the investment period, the greater the potential for higher returns and wealth accumulation. for example, if you want to save for your children's education in the long term, it makes sense to start early in order to spread the savings amount over a longer period of time and thus minimize the investment risk. it can also be worth investing early if you want to build up wealth in the long term and protect your money from falling in value due to rising prices. This way, you can benefit from long-term returns and steadily build up your assets, but it's never too late to start saving and investing. Even when your children are older, you can still reap the benefits of long-term wealth accumulation and contribute to their financial future.

Can I lose my money?

No return without risk! Price fluctuations are part of investing and are based on the risk level you have set. Thanks to active fund management, the investment strategy of your savings tree is adapted to the market environment. You can find out more about the strategy here.

Is this a child deposit?

Even if you invest the savings tree for a more carefree life for your child, you remain the legal owner of the deposit for the time being. This has various advantages. The custody account can be opened quickly and without the consent of the other parent. This means that relatives can also create and invest in a savings account. Control remains with you and is not transferred to the child on their 18th birthday. If you have more than EUR 8,200 in assets, you are also not entitled to BAfög. On the other hand, you cannot benefit from the tax-free income limit for children if you have a custody account in your name. Please consult your tax advisor about your personal tax situation.

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More information

Bling sparbäume: Long-term investments made simple for children

The austerity tree: Just imagine that with every monthly deposit, it grows a bit and gets new green leaves. The small sprout thus becomes a large, strong tree with a protective crown — financial support.

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We at Bling have set ourselves the task of Saving for kids to make it transparent and sustainable. We want children to learn how to use their capital healthily and at the same time use it consciously and responsibly. With our savings trees, we offer you a long-term investment for children that you can use flexibly. In this way, you gradually introduce children to a meaningful awareness of money and promote the responsible, conscious use of money.

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Investing money for children: How to create a secure and profitable future!

Have you already been able to gain experience with investments yourself? For many, this is also associated with a certain degree of uncertainty — and it is precisely this feeling that we want to avoid. A safe investment for children offers bling through effective and sustainable funds, which, together with experienced asset manager Evergreen from Leipzig, for example, are repeatedly reviewed and refinanced into well over 2500 sustainable stocks, bonds and impact investments. In doing so, we have solid future prospects and responsibly promote sustainable funds in accordance with Article 8.

Risk management is at your discretion. The investment for children is individually adjusted by you according to your wishes and needs and tailored to a risk level. This risk management can, of course, be redefined and validated at any time, if you wish. Since our investment for children in the form of a custody account is always based on the price fluctuations of the respective funds and stocks, there can also be entertaining stagnations. In principle, the same applies when investing money for children, ETFs or shares: The returns are only as strong as the economy and the market. These are subject to complex systems and fluctuations, but are always aimed at growth and increased returns.

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Flexibility for your investment — saving for children adapted to your finances

While other investment programs are rather rigid, we offer you a high level of flexibility with the savings trees. Of course, life can always change, and so can financial opportunities. Don't worry about that — with bling, you can flexibly determine how often and how much money is paid into the investment for children. In this way, you can individually adapt the savings plan to your life situation and financial situation and take no risks. Should your child need the money saved, daily payouts are of course also possible.

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Who says that only you can save for your kids? The whole family can join in!

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While grandma and grandpa, godmother and the like used to each set up separate savings accounts, they can now all simply join forces. Of course, other family members can also “water” the sparbaum. Our German-managed company and the option of an IBAN-supported transfer enable flexible deposits. In this way, the entire family works together on the investment for Bling children and even small amounts can grow into a large sum in the long run — a large saved tree.

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Saving for kids has never been easier

In addition, you can of course optimally combine the savings tree with other bling functions: In addition to the savings tree for “indirect saving” for kids, they can handle money directly thanks to our cash card learn. With the Bling Card & App, children are introduced to handling money in a safe way — without security risks. Manage pocket money via app, the digital piggy bank fill up, always keep your own finances in mind and see exactly where the pocket money is going. Always under the eyes of mom and dad, of course. Sounds good? Then take a look at our other features related to the Bling app in addition to the savings tree and savings for kids.

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Investing money for children: How parents can help their children build up wealth

The Investing money for children with Bling's savings trees offers you as a parent a transparent and future-oriented solution. Since steadily rising inflation rates also result in a steady decline in value, which cannot be offset by savings account interest rates or the like, investing money for children is an eloquent and enriching solution. As a parent, you have the option to access the savings tree at any time. Deposits and withdrawals are easily possible from anywhere thanks to your own Bling app and thus offer you ways to provide you with individual freedom and limits for your children's transactions. The Investment management It is up to you at first until you transfer them to the child.

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This has the advantage that the paid-in capital cannot be spent as you please, but acts as a sustainable investment for children into adolescence or adulthood. Bling's savings trees are investments that grow with you and can yield visible returns after just a few years. Depending on how much the deposit growth has on the deposited capital, your kids will be very happy about the opportunities for a solid investment for children from Bling in a few years. A subsidy for a driving license, a partially financed own professional instrument and much more.

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Investing money for the long term — the perfect start for your child

We are convinced that investing money for children must enable two things in particular:

On the one hand, an effective counteract to ever-increasing inflation. On the other hand, a pedagogically valuable concept that can have as transparent and lasting an effect on children as possible.

Therefore, an investment for children from Bling is more than a simple deposit option with a small savings effect. Saving for children also always comes with a learning factor here. After all, what happens to children who learn right from the start that the investment for children, which was consciously selected by their parents, also provides effective benefits for themselves? First and foremost, the austerity trees will be closed one day and people will be happy about the returns they have achieved — a financed driver's license, their first own car or their first own apartment. In addition, however, young people with bling are introduced to how to handle money at an early stage. Responsible investments in their own future, achieving long-term savings goals — these are all aspects that kids can absorb as they grow up.

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A clever investment for children — very easy with bling

There are many ways to invest money. So why use Bling's austerity trees? It's simple: Because bling offers you advantages that you don't get from other providers in this combination. We know that saving is not always easy for children and adults, and that investment funds and the like are a complicated issue for many. That's why we're making it easy for you:

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You simply register yourself in the Bling app and your new account will be activated within 24 hours. Standing at the counter in a bench for a long time? You can literally invest the time better. Instead of constantly finding out which funds and stocks might be worth investing in, you can rely on Bling's long-term investment for children. With our spartrees, you invest in a Mix of stocks and bonds and in the event of a negative development of the markets, into a cash register.

In contrast to traditional ETFs, your investment will Adapted to the market day by day. In this way, fluctuations can be absorbed. Based on your willingness to take risks, you can choose from five risk levels.

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The Investing money for children is sustainable: With bling, you are definitely not investing in weapons, coal or the like — our savings trees are based on the UN Global Compact and you invest in sustainable investments.

You're not the only one who can invest — thanks German IBAN The whole family can regularly get the savings tree to grow with subsidies. Together, you can achieve great things and create a basis for education and the like.

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