Prepaid credit card for teens

Bling is the prepaid card for teens. They can use it to pay independently online and anywhere in Germany. Without debt and under the reassuring eyes of their parents.

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The most popular pocket money card in Germany

Works anywhere you want it to

Parents set rules and limits

No debts possible

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Prepaid credit card for teens – The super-safe Bling Card

As they get older, their wishes often get bigger: A cool bike, a new gaming PC and clothes from their favorite designer. A prepaid credit card for teenagers is the perfect way to teach adolescents about financial responsibility while giving them the benefits of a credit card.

With a prepaid credit card, teenagers can spend money that has previously been loaded onto the card, so they only have access to what they have paid onto the card and there is no possibility of accumulating debt.

Parents set the rules

Debt is not possible

One app.
Two perspectives.

The Bling App comes with a kid's view and a parent's view. Both make your family financially savvy. With dozens of functions for payment, savings and spending,Bling supports your family in everyday life!

Parent's view
Kid's view

"Bling makes families money savvy! And it's convinient, too."

André Schürrle

"Bling closes a gap in the education system and teaches financial literacy."

Verena Pausder

Bling does it all in one app

Lawn? Mowed.
Windows? Cleaned.

Create tasks for your kid and reward them later.

Piggy bank but better

Set your savings goal and let the whole family contribute.

It's pocket money o'clock!

Bling takes care of pocket money when it's due.

Real time updates

Stay up to date with push notifications.

It's this simple



Download the Bling App on your smartphone.


Ordering a Bling Card is faster than brushing your teeth!

Top up

Load money onto the card so that your child can pay.
Educational experience
Refund feature
App for parents
App for kids
Saving goals
Pocket money planner
Task planner
Cool card
Deposit protection
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Your questions answered

Is there a minimum age for bling?

Yes, your child must be at least 7 years old to pay with a Bling Card. After that, Bling grows with your child. The older they get, the more freedom you can give them.

What does Bling cost?

You can test Bling free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. We will print and send the card for your child free of charge. After that, you only pay 2.99€ per child per month. Cancel at any time.

Is Bling safe?

Yes, your child can pay securely with Bling. In the app, you can flexibly define where the card works and what limits there should be. Of course, no debts are possible. And if the card is lost, you can block it in real time via the app.

The card and savings balance is held by our partner in an account that is protected by the Deposit Protection Fund (FGDR). This means that the money is protected up to 100,000€ by the compensation scheme. Good to know, even if you never top up 100,000€ in pocket money!

Where does the Bling Card work?

Wherever you want and Mastercard is accepted. This includes online stores, stores and restaurants, for example! Parents have the flexibility to decide where their children can pay with Bling.

Still have questions?

Feel free to write to us at any time via the support chat in the app, or by e-mail to Our team will help you and answer all your questions.

Further information

How do young people learn how to manage money?

The first step towards a comprehensive understanding of finances is managing your own pocket money. When children and young people are pocket money Plan and spend independently, they learn to set priorities and make decisions about their spending.

In many families, this is pocket money paid in cash on a weekly or monthly basis. The decisive disadvantage, however, is that young people with cash cannot order online or learn how to use digital means of payment. At the same time, however, consumer behavior is increasingly shifting to the Internet. For the perfect feeling of freedom and independence, young people can pay anywhere with the Bling Card — even as teenagers under 18 years of age!

What is & can a prepaid credit card for teens?

A Prepaid credit card for teens is a type of credit card that requires teens or their parents to deposit money into the card before they can use it. Unlike conventional credit cards, which have a credit limit and can therefore also take on debts, young people with a prepaid credit card can only have the credit that they have previously loaded onto the card.

And from when do young people get their own credit card? — Most banks set the minimum age for their own credit card to be of majority, i.e. reaching the age of 18. But at this point, young adults should already be able to use this means of payment safely! Therefore, a Prepaid credit card for teens an ideal alternative to a real credit card!

Debit card rethought for young people — all functions:

1. Card payments: Wherever a Mastercard is accepted as a means of payment - including in online shops - the prepaid credit card for young people can be used.

2. Custom app: So that young people always have an overview of their own finances, the card with a app connected. In addition, inputs and outputs as well as existing credit balances are displayed transparently.

3. Set savings goals or invest: A new PC or the cool shoes from advertising? If you want to afford something, you have to save money. The prepaid credit card for teens is equipped with a feature for Savings goals equipped.

4. Safety: The prepaid credit card for young people offers security features such as PIN protection and the option to block the card in case of loss or theft.

What are the benefits of the youth credit card alternative?

Compared to classic EC cards for youth current accounts, the prepaid credit card for young people offers decisive advantages...

Spending control: The prepaid credit card for teens allows young people to better control their spending. Since they can only dispose of the balance on the card, they have no way of getting into debt or going over their budget. This promotes a responsible spending habit.

Safety: Prepaid credit cards offer unparalleled security as they are not directly linked to a bank account. If the card is lost or stolen, this has no direct effect on the young person's personal bank account or financial security. Protection against fraud and theft is also included.

How secure is the prepaid credit card for young people?

Since the prepaid credit card for young people is a pure credit card with no credit limit, it also means that no debts can be incurred. There is therefore no risk of financial losses. Parents have access to the card via their own app and can switch on trust mode as the children get older. They regulate when and where their children can shop and what limits they can set.

Your plus — new and safe learning opportunities for young people: The prepaid credit card for young people gives adolescents the opportunity to learn how to use a credit card in a safe and secure environment. You can gain experience using a card, paying online, monitoring transactions, and tracking spending. This helps them build financial skills and knowledge that are important for their future financial independence.

Learning how to use bank cards — it's never been easier

It is important that young people Dealing with bank cards, such as credit cards or debit cards, learn. The majority of payments are now made electronically. By learning how to use cash cards correctly, young people will be able to make purchases, pay bills and carry out online transactions more quickly in everyday life.

Dealing with bank cards requires an understanding of security measures such as protecting the personal identification number (PIN) and how to identify fraud attempts. Young people learn how to keep their cards safe and also carry out transactions in such a way that their financial information is protected.

Like a youth account debit card, only better!

The Bling prepaid credit card for teens For now, it works like a normal credit card. Teens can use them both for online shopping, to pay in stores, or to withdraw cash from ATMs. The balance on the card decreases with every transaction until it is used up. When the credit is used up, the card must be recharged. However, young people can also set their own savings goals on their card and in return Save money.

Managing your first money with a prepaid credit card: Bling has developed its own prepaid credit card for young people, which allows adolescents to make card payments and place online orders. Wherever Mastercard is accepted, you can also pay with this card.

How much does the alternative to an EC card for a youth account cost us?

First, you can test the prepaid credit card free of charge for up to 2 weeks and make sure it's right for you. You then choose between two pricing models, which offer you either a monthly payment and cancellability or an annual payment.

The prepaid credit card for young people costs 2.99€ per month. With the annual payment method, you can also save money: The card will then only cost you 32.00€.

After 14 days, there is therefore a monthly payment. Parents can, of course, cancel at any time. By the way, you can find the exact pricing model and even more information in the Bling app!

Other benefits for teens in a modern world:

Online shopping: The Bling prepaid credit card allows young people to shop securely online. Since many online stores accept a credit card as a means of payment, young people can use their card to buy products and services on the Internet. They get access to the world of online shopping without the risk of spending more than their budget.

Parental control: Parents or legal guardians can monitor the balance and transactions on the prepaid credit card for teens. They can talk to their children and give financial advice when needed. In doing so, they always remain in control of young people's spending habits.

No credit check: Unlike regular credit cards, prepaid credit cards for teens usually don't require a credit check. This means that young people get regardless of their credit history or income. This allows them to enjoy the advantages of credit card payment methods, even if they do not yet have their own income.

Order Bling prepaid credit card for teens online now!

For legal reasons, only the parents themselves may Prepaid credit card for teens order. To do this, simply download the app to your smartphone and use it to order the prepaid credit card for young people with just a few clicks.

Within a few days, the card will be in your mailbox. The setup is intuitive and you need yours Bling Card Just charge it with money to make it work.

Start now with your first own prepaid credit card for young people & parents.

Download the App on your smartphone and start with your bling card!