Experts support Bling in financial education


We are now looking forward to supporting our new Education Board. This will make Bling even more educational for children, young people and parents.

We are pleased that, one year after the introduction of our educational pocket money card, Bling is an external expert*Interior team per Add financial education to our family! This education board consists of respected experts who share their passion for financial education and will help us advance our mission of improving families' financial literacy.

Anissa Brinkhoff - The Financial Journalist

Anissa Brinkhoff is a renowned financial journalist who raises her voice for women and finances. She has launched various podcasts in which she talks about money, financial education, and retirement planning. Her presentations make women in particular aware of the importance of these topics and show how financial independence can be achieved.

Sven Schumann - The capital market expert

Sven Schumann is a senior executive at Deutsche Börse Group and an expert in economic and financial education. He is intensively concerned with the framework conditions for wealth creation and retirement provision on the capital market. As co-chairman of the Alliance for Economic Education Germany, he is committed to a comprehensive and mandatory integration of economic education in all secondary schools in Germany.

Babett Mahnert - The entrepreneur with a heart for young people

Babett Mahnert is a passionate business and financial coach, entrepreneur and banking economist. She is co-founder of Schulgold, the first online learning platform for financial literacy for young people, teachers and schools. Her goal is to provide young people with financial education at an early stage and to accompany them on their way to a solid financial future.

Christoph Krüger - The teacher who makes finances exciting

Christoph Krüger is not only a headmaster and teacher, but also a family man, podcaster and YouTuber. At his school, he strives to get students excited about economics and finance and to teach complex topics in a simple and entertaining way. His interactive learning methods make financial education a captivating adventure.

Together for a money-wise Germany

Anissa, Sven, Babett and Christoph will help ensure the quality of existing and new Bling functions. They will incorporate pedagogically valuable content and ideas into product development so that we can respond even better to the needs of children, adolescents and parents.

At Bling, our goal is to improve families' financial literacy and give them the tools to make informed financial decisions. With this new team of experts, we will set new standards together and get even closer to our mission.

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