The cost of a child


A child costs as much as a detached house, as the saying goes. However, it makes a huge difference whether it is a luxuriously furnished villa on Lake Starnberg or an 80m² bungalow in the middle of nowhere. Of course it is possible to dress children in Gucci and Versace, but it is not necessary. Nevertheless, even a newborn costs a lot of money.

The baby season

Here, too, not all families can be lumped together. If you don't drive a car, you don't need a baby seat for your car, for example. If you would rather carry your child, you can save yourself the investment in a stroller. The children also don't need their own room, being close to mom and dad is much more important, even though many parents find it immensely fun to set up a baby room. Even then, the equipment does not necessarily have to be new. The market is full of well-preserved second-hand children's furniture.

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For the Initial equipment will soon be 2000€ and spent more. In addition, there are, of course, costs for nutrition and hygiene. Conventional disposable diapers alone cost around €50 a month. If you want something out at the bottom, then of course you also have to put something in at the top. Financially speaking, breastfeeding is the best alternative because it is free. However, not all mothers want or can breastfeed and then another 40-50 € per month is quickly added for milk powder.

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The toddler age

Eating children at the table naturally makes it easier financially, simply because it doesn't matter as much. But there are also children who prefer to stick to glass food and then it can get quite expensive very quickly.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as smaller snacks, quickly cost 3.75€ per day, making a good 110€ a month. Diapers are also still part of the daily requirement, plus clothes, shoes as soon as the child walks on their own, and books, toys and so much more. On average, couples for children under 6 years old give just under 6 years 680 euros off in the month.

Not only financially speaking, many parents have high hopes for the time when their offspring no longer wears diapers. Some even try it mathematically.

A well-known father calculated for his then three-year-old what sums they could save if she did not wear her diapers.

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“Jeez, with all that money, you could pick a great toy every month. ”

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That was his argument. But children have their own heads and, as is well known, grass doesn't grow faster when you pull on it. No wonder then, the answer came promptly and decisively.

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“Dad, if you need money, grab something from my piggy bank. ”

Nice try, but unfortunately failed. But at some point, every child “clicks.”

One of the biggest single cost factors in toddlers, however, is childcare. On average, parents have these 1310€ per year costs. Of course, there are also huge differences here. Depending on the location and orientation of the kindergarten, childcare can also cost 400€ per month.

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The school period

School bags, books, school trips, that's pretty expensive. There are also leisure activities, vacations that can now only take place during the holiday season and so much more. Each year, parents spend a whole 7200€ on consumption, i.e. only food, furniture, clothing and leisure, for their children aged 6-12 years. Contributions for associations or further childcare are not yet included. Pocket money and things such as mobile phones and mobility are now also becoming more relevant. Between the ages of 12 and 18, the average costs are already 953€.

After finishing school, every young person is faced with the question of how they should continue their career. Is an apprenticeship the right choice or should it be a course of study?

Life as a student in particular requires a lot from parents. Because on average, they support young students with 435€ per month. It is then hoped that the standard period of study will be sufficient.

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Mobility costs

When the little ones grow up slowly, individual mobility also plays an increasing role. Be it a bus ticket, a scooter driver's license or even later a driving license for a car and your first own mobile base. Of course, the costs cannot be clearly predicted in advance. But 1500€ for a driver's license alone is quite realistic. You can keep costs low if you and your child make a traffic training ground unsafe beforehand. Because you can already teach the basics here. But be careful: This situation has already caused emotional outbursts in some parent-child couples.

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An overview of the costs

Now let's summarize again:

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Wow, this is not a villa on Lake Tegernsee, but the line-up also includes all expenses for holidays and associations.

Now every family and every child is different, this list only gives a very rough overview. Nevertheless, it is a very considerable sum that comes together for a single child.

Do the costs double if you have two children? Statistically speaking, spending falls the larger the family is. Families with several children can therefore breathe a sigh of relief. This is because clothes and toys are often passed on from young to old, with larger portions of food, an eater is no longer so noticeable and siblings receive attractive discounts at some associations or in childcare. Nevertheless, children are an immense cost factor that should not be underestimated. Even though the costs per month are relatively manageable, keep in mind that many children are financially supported by their parents until they complete their studies, i.e. up to half of their 20s.

If you want your child to always have an overview of their spending, the bling card is a good idea for you. With this card, your child can also without cash pay and still have the necessary transparency about spending and money that is still available. In this way, Bling combines modern, cashless payment methods with the transparency of cash. And when it comes to bling, too, the following applies: If there is no more money, none can be spent.

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