Safety first. It really is that simple!

Block card in the app at any time

Push message with every payment

No debts possible

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Debts? Certainly not!

Bling is a prepaid card. No debts possible.

Adapt rules at any time.

The parents determine where and when the card works.

Highest banking security

The credit balance is protected - always and at all times.

Set rules with one click.

Your children can use Bling Card to pay independently in the canteen, bookshop, app store and wherever Mastercard is accepted. You can rest easy knowing that every card comes with Bling extra protection. You can manage rules in the Bling app in a relaxed manner and in real time. And, of course, no debts are possible.

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Paid? A notification comes right away!

Your child paid? Your smartphone will go "bling" and you'll receive a notification. The older and more independent your child gets, the fewer updates you will receive.

See where, when and what was paid.

For an even better overview, you can see where the card was used to pay. For older teenagers, this can easily be deactivated with the trust mode. For a secure feeling.

Tablet view for a safe first experience

For younger children who don't yet have their own smartphone, there's now Junior Mode! Simply download the Bling app on your tablet and your children will see a protected view where no money can be moved.

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Strong partners. Strong security.

Bling is not a bank. We are focused on building the best app for families in Europe. To achieve this, we are working with our banking partner Treezor (subsidiary of the renowned bank Société Générale) from Paris and with Mastercard. The credit you hold via the Bling app is deposited with our banking partner. This in turn is subject to deposit protection (up to EUR 100,000). Long story short: your money is safe.

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heart of Berlin

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Support within 10 hours (on average) via email and telephone

and Mastercard

Like a traditional bank — simple and digital for families