Piggy Bank
goes digital

Does a piggy bank have to be made of plastic and go "oink"? Today's piggy bank is digital and easy for kids to understand. With goals and tips, it makes saving easy peasy. Exclusively in the Bling App!

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Our approach: Saving money is a breeze

With the Bling Saving Pots, the whole family can contribute to saving money. Thanks to everything being in-app, organization takes less time.
Discover what kids are saving for with over 30,000 Saving Pots in the Bling App:

Bling's virtual Saving Pots

Do you know what annoys us about the classic piggy bank? You can't see what's inside. And that makes sustainable and clever financial planning much more difficult. That's why we've replaced it with our digital Saving Pots. They are easy for children to understand, clearly laid out and offer many other benefits.

Bling has dusted off the good old piggy bank on the shelf and given it a new look in our practical app
– Smart functions included. Not only does it provide an excellent overview of income (and possible expenditure), it also allows spontaneous deposits by others. This offers both kids and parents many advantages in everyday life.

Overview of savings

Set and achieve saving goals

Motivating saving goals

Set a goal and monitor the progress.

Create Piggy Banks and start saving!

The whole family can pay in money and help save.

Deposit and withdraw money in real time

Super easy via the app. And relatives can also save with the Bling Link.

Create and share Saving Pots

Simply create a Saving Pot in the app and share it.

The whole family contributes

Save in the Savings Trees and select the risk level.

Credit is protected and separated from the card

Keep an eye on everything and pay money in and out at any time.

Freedom for Jule & Amélie. Relieve for Bastian.

Teacher Bastian has ordered a Bling Card for his two twin daughters Jule and Amélie. He uses the Bling App to set rules. And the twins love paying with their card.

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How do the digital Saving Pots work?

With our in-app Saving Pots, your child can set their own saving goals and regularly put money aside. Parents can also pay money into the child's Saving Pots. This teaches your child the value of disciplined saving at an early age. Your child starts with a general Saving Pots into which all savings flow – But you can also create Saving Pots for different goals (e.g. a bicycle).

Does my kid have access to the Saving Pots?

Your child can set up Saving Pots and put money aside on their own. You as a parent decide if your kid is allowed to spend money from their Saving Pots. Once your child is a little older, you can permanently allow this in the app settings.

More information

Do you already know our virtual piggy bank?

Do you also know the classic piggy bank that was on the shelf in the children's room? For a while, it was filled diligently by little children's hands, and at some point something was pulled out with pointed fingers. And in principle, you never really know for yourself how big the treasure is — or rather: how much money you've already saved. What used to end up in the piggy bank is later simply put into the wallet. But doesn't that get better?

We would be happy to show you our digital piggy bank, which is completely individual for each child, in detail. The most important information first: We have our digital piggy bank as an app so that your child always carries their online piggy bank with them. Absolutely certain, of course, but we'll explain that to you in detail in a moment. Before that, we would like to show you how to use our digital piggy bank. Once you've installed our bling app and added your child, it starts with a general savings pot.

You can fill this digital piggy bank with weekly pocket money as well as with rewards. Your child receives this when it is created by you tasks fulfilled.

An example:

You want your child to clean their room. You then create a corresponding task and assign it. Your child now receives a notification and takes action. Once the room is tidy, your child marks the task as complete. You will now receive a notification and can start sending the reward.

In this way, your child's digital piggy bank fills up in no time — without loose change lying around everywhere, but with clearly visible credit. A positive side effect: You distribute your family's numerous to-dos and organize your household much more easily this way.

Individual savings goals motivate your child

We have the special Savings pots Already mentioned briefly, now we would like to explain them to you in more detail. Our digital piggy bank allows your child to save on their own for a certain wish. We know it ourselves from our childhood — the wish list is sometimes very long.

A new bike, a cool cap or your own camera... all of these things cost money that would like to be earned beforehand. So that your child learns exactly that and starts their future wisely, there is our digital piggy bank with savings goals.

Each request is created as an individual savings fund with the corresponding purchase price. Your child can now fill this savings pot — with pocket money, rewards and, of course, cash gifts from grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle.

In contrast to the classic piggy bank, the digital piggy bank is wonderfully transparent. Your child can see in real time how the savings pots are filling up piece by piece. This makes it easy to see how much money is still missing and plan accordingly how much money still needs to be earned.

So Is your child learning the value of work, the importance of saving and is motivated again and again at the same time. Saving money can be really fun this way. It's best to try out our digital piggy bank directly with your child!

An overview of the digital piggy bank

Finally, we have one more time for you and your child all the benefits of the digital piggy bank summarized:

  • All income and expenditure at a glance
  • Never forget pocket money again with the digital piggy bank
  • Integrated family planner for all household tasks
  • No more forgetting the reward for a completed task
  • Your child learns the value of work through their digital piggy bank
  • Load credit onto the Bling Card in real time at any time
  • Your child can request credit from you or have expenses reimbursed by you via the app
  • Your child will be safe when handling money thanks to their digital piggy bank

So it's best to retire your classic piggy bank and install a digital piggy bank for yourself and your child — for a money-wise future!

With the piggy bank app, your child has everything at a glance!

Both the tasks and the inputs and expenses are presented very clearly for your child in the Bling app. Especially with the special saving pots, with which your child wants to achieve a certain savings goal, he can see exactly how far away he is from this heartfelt desire. The great thing about our digital piggy bank is also: The money reaches your child in real time and is therefore immediately available. The overview shows all income and expenditure at a glance. The entire balance of the digital piggy bank remains protected as it is protected by the associated Bling Card is separated. With the Bling Card, your child only pays in pre-defined stores (offline and online) and, depending on the settings, only with your authorization. Here you will receive a push message for every payment. So you're always aware of what your little one is spending their money on. The topic that is particularly important to us is safety. Your child cannot incur any debt with the Bling Card and you can block the card at any time in the Bling app if it is lost.

By the way, as a little treat, your child can personalize their bling card. There are also cool stickers in the Bling app. Simply order it, stick it on... and the card is instantly unmistakable.

This is how your children's savings pot fills up in no time at all.

A digital piggy bank like this is something very practical because it simply invites everyone to save money — clever, isn't it? After all, it wants your child's savings pots to fill up as quickly as possible. So grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle get a bling link that can be used to save money right away.

From now on, there is always a small (or even big) gift of money for a good certificate, birthday or name day, Easter, Christmas and much more. The big advantage of this is that no one has to worry about it anymore and yet they all always match your child's taste. By the way, all relatives and friends can also add an individually designed greeting card to their gift of money. And be absolutely sure that the money is being saved for something important and correct.

And when the goal is achieved?

If the digital piggy bank or savings pot is full, your child can go to the shop (or Internet) with their bling card and fulfill their heart's desire. Then there is another highlight: Paying with the Bling Card makes your child really proud and shopping is twice as much fun. It is a small piece of “adulthood” that strengthens self-confidence and promotes self-reliance.

But don't worry: You'll make the last click. If you do not like an issue from your child, you can refuse your approval. Maybe you'll talk about this particular wish again, after all, the topic of finances is a learning process for your child. With the digital piggy bank of the Bling App or Bling Card, you give you enough freedom in this regard, but you are still involved. The older your child gets, the more spending limits you can remove.

The next savings goal is already waiting!

Now you know our digital piggy bank, i.e. the Bling App and the Bling Card, in detail. We've shown you exactly how bling helps your child save money. A general savings fund and individual savings goals make your child's income and expenses clear, motivating and make a valuable educational contribution. On the one hand, your child learns how important saving is and, on the other hand, how important the topic of work plays. By completing household tasks, they can fill their digital piggy bank faster... and who wouldn't want that?

There are also other benefits of saving pots:

  • By filling the savings pots, your child learns the value of saving
  • You decide where your child can pay with the app
  • You release every issue of your child at the beginning
  • The older your child gets, the more spending limits you can remove
  • No debt is possible with the digital piggy bank
  • The whole family (and friends too) can help you save money via Bling Link