School enrollment gifts: What to put in the school bag and how much should it cost?


Whew, that's exciting - it's time to start school and there are presents for the first day! Thousands of kids will soon be putting on their school bags for the first time. Yours too? Then you probably already have a checklist full of things that need to be done before the big day. For example, you still have to get the cool school enrolment presents to fill your child's school bag with. Is there still a big question mark over the contents of the school bag? Then we've got just the thing for you. Because here you can find out how to find the right value for the first day of school gifts and also what should not be missing in any school bag.

Before it starts: the story of the school bag

Have you ever wondered what the school bag is all about? Then we have a bit of bragging knowledge for you to start with: The school bag has been around in Germany for around 200 years. It has its origins in Saxony and Thuringia — it is here that it is mentioned historically for the first time. As is still the case today, children received them as a gift for school enrollment. Filled to the brim with sweet treats, it was literally the candy for the first day of school. No wonder that the school bag was also known as a sugar bag.

Since then, there has been little change in the custom of the triangular bag at the start of school. It now makes first-graders all over Germany and even in Austria blush with anticipation. Only the content has changed somewhat: Today, sweets, fruit and chocolate are increasingly hiding small and big gifts for school enrollment therein. It is therefore high time to take a closer look at the contents of the school bag.

The contents of the school bag: What goes in?

A school bag full of candy? — Yesterday's snow. It is not for nothing that it is now only colloquially called “sugar bag”. Today, there is simply more “school” than “sugar” in the bag: goodies, useful school and learning materials and one or the other small additional gift are the perfect mix.

Most children receive school supplies as a gift for school enrollment — a very meaningful and useful gift. Books are also hidden in many school bags. Sweets are found in less than half of the bags. However, they are probably often the most popular gift for school enrollment, especially among children.

The “must-haves” in the school bag: That should definitely be in it

Your child's school bag has long since been on their back when they start school. The school bag is therefore the perfect opportunity to equip the satchel with a few suitable school accessories. When pencil cases, gym bags and the like are not simply there, but wait in the school bag as a gift, this increases appreciation and makes the first lessons fun. Colored pencils, a lunch box or a cool water bottle are also popular back-to-school gifts that are also practical. And this is especially for you as a mom or dad: After all, you have to buy them anyway — so why not combine the practical with the beautiful?

At a glance — these gifts definitely belong in a school bag:

  • School supplies such as a case, gym bag or colored pencils
  • Useful things for everyday school life, such as lunch box and water bottle
  • Age-appropriate learning games such as letter or math games and textbooks
  • A toy for the break, such as a ping pong racket or a jump rope

Original gifts for school enrollment: Not everyone has that in their school bag

Would you like to give your son or daughter something special on their way into the new phase of their lives? You can also combine the useful with the beautiful when it comes to gifts for the first day of school. Here are a few Ideas for school enrollment gifts for boys and girls listed for you. With this list, it will definitely be easier to find the right gifts for school introduction.

How about, for example, an unusual and child-friendly alarm clock? This means that son and daughter are already looking forward to it in the evening when the alarm rings for the start of school in the morning. And even if the joy of getting up shouldn't be so great — after all, an alarm clock wakes your child up and they can get ready for school.

Your child feels particularly grown up if the school bag also contains a Bling Card appears. From the first day of school, the first pocket money is no longer available in cash, but on the bling card. This allows your child to pay for small purchases on the way to school just like mom and dad — with a card. This is particularly practical in everyday school life, because, unlike small change, the bling card does not “just disappear” or get lost through the small hole in the gym bag. About the associated app You'll learn how to handle money properly together — and you'll always have an eye on everything.

Even the first wristwatch It is a great gift for school enrollment. This allows your son or daughter to quickly learn to read the clock and always knows when the bus is coming home or when you are waiting in front of the gate after school is over. If the watch is also decorated with your child's favorite heroes or animals, this gift is guaranteed to be a hit! If your child usually goes to school alone, a child-friendly smartwatch with an emergency button is a good idea. This gives you a feeling of security — for you and your child.

A particularly nice idea for a school enrollment gift: the first journal. A diary gives you an opportunity to practice reading and writing every day and is a great reminder later on. Also a Freundebuch is a successful gift for school enrollment. It helps your child build friendships and serves as a nice reminder of their time at school later in life. Both are gifts that your child will enjoy for a long time and which also do not cost much.

But be careful: These suggestions and ideas are only suggestions. Pick one or a maximum of two special gifts for your child's school bag — that's absolutely enough. Think about what your child could use the most and what is most important for the upcoming school period.

Find the right value: How much should school enrollment gifts cost?

Something to snack on, something to learn and something special to enjoy — that sounds expensive. In addition, of course, there is the school bag itself. It's hard to find the right balance here. How much is just right? What is too much and what is too little? It is important to find the right balance for your family. Your concern that you still don't have enough for the school bag is certainly completely unfounded. A Statista survey from 2017 showed that at least 66% of respondents believe that some parents mean far too well when choosing gifts for school enrollment. So sit back and relax: Less is often more when it comes to the contents of the school bag.

The Value of school enrollment gifts Your child should therefore focus on one thing in particular: your options. Don't try to compete with other parents. Expensive gifts such as a brand-new smartphone or a high-end wristwatch have lost nothing in the school bag. The sum of all gifts in the school bag is around 60€ on average across Germany. The amount often differs by federal state, income and, of course, who is involved. As a rule, however, the school bag comes exclusively from the parents — grandma and grandpa, godparents and friends usually present their gifts for school enrollment later over coffee and cake.

Everything but school bag: Presents for school enrollment from grandma and grandpa, godparents and the like

Is your phone ringing again and someone is asking what your son or daughter is happy about starting school? It's great how many lovely people are thinking of you! But What is the best gift for grandma and grandpa for school enrollment? So that you have a few useful answers ready, here are some gift ideas for school enrollment for you. After all, it's not about simply showering your son or daughter with gifts for school enrollment. It's great when unpacking — but later on, many of the gifts are lying around unused. So it's best to try Approach potential givers on your behalf and thus steer the gifts in the right direction. So you only get meaningful and original gifts for school beginners.

If several givers join forces — how about, for example, the great children's desk that your child fell in love with in a furniture store the other day? Instead of a short treat, a high-quality gift that grows with you makes you happy in the long term and relieves you as a mom or dad. Of course, you can also ask your child what a cool gift would be for school enrollment. Maybe your child has an idea for an original and meaningful gift for the school bag that you haven't even thought of yet.

Money gifts for school enrollment — How do you deal with them?

Your child has yet to learn how to handle numbers and money — so what if many generous givers grab a gift of money to start school? Here, too, you should ask the donors to talk to you in good time. One option would be to transfer the money to Bling Card , which provides the ideal basis for secure initial experiences in dealing with money. You can see what your child is spending money on, the card can be blocked at any time and debts are not possible.

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