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Practice makes perfect - we hear this phrase again and again when it comes to our offspring. Early awareness also plays a major role when it comes to money, because if you throw your money out of the window as a child or teenager, you are very likely to do the same as an adult. Children's and young people's accounts are a good way to realize savings and teach your child how to handle money well. We'll show you how it all works as an N26 user in the following paragraphs.

What is N26?

N26 ROAD (Number26) is an online bank based in berlin. It has been offering its customers use and account management via smartphone since 2013. Neobank is growing and is constantly developing new account and savings models for its users. Smartphone and notebook insurance as well as loans and investment options are also part of Neo-Bank's repertoire. The whole thing is supported by new features and detailed analyses of transactions. There are also sub-accounts that can be used to save money for travel, car and other wishes.

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Can I open an N26 account for my child?

A child account is ideal for teaching children how to handle money in good time. When we are young, we live carefree. Bills and savings are irrelevant to us. But childhood experiences shape us well into late adulthood. Anyone who deals with money early on will have a much better knack for it later on.

N26 currently only offers bank account models for users aged 18 and over. Thanks to the various sub-accounts, however, your children can learn what it means to save money and see how savings are constantly growing. In this way, too, they get an idea of how to handle money properly. If they are already in their teens, they can be positively influenced by this and start saving themselves - perhaps even for their first own car or for their later university career.

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What solutions are there to open a child account?

The online bank N26 does not offer its users a direct solution to create a child and youth account, but with Bling It will still be possible. This is a pocket money card (prepaid Mastercard), with which children and young people can pay independently. They also learn how to handle money by getting to know the associated app and using it in a targeted manner.

Alternatively, users can opt for a traditional bank that offers analog account models for children. Examples include DKB, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank.

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Why create a child and youth account at all?

Many families tend to hand over pocket money to their children in cash on a monthly or weekly basis. This means that the entire amount is immediately available and can be spent on sweets and other things. However, this also has huge disadvantages, as the transactions made are not visible anywhere. The money is often spent faster than it was received. Anyone who maintains an attractive overview via app and is also provided with savings models will learn how to handle money well at an early stage and will also be able to implement this in a targeted manner later in life.

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What can the bling card do?

The bling card is a prepaid card, which allows children and young people to pay conveniently on the go. It was completely designed for this age group. Your children have the option to pay debt-free in stores and on the Internet. But when it comes to transactions, you are by no means relinquishing control, as you also have access to your children's income and expenses.

But it is not only the Bling Card that is interesting, but also the corresponding app, where children and young people can see their income and expenses at a glance. Setting savings goals and observing how savings are growing makes children and young people money wise. Once the goal has been achieved, they can fulfill their wishes and enjoy an economical lifestyle even more.

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The bling card - also works with N26

In addition to the great listing, cash receipts can be introduced in the form of rewards. For example, your child will be credited with one euro for bringing out household waste. In addition, they always receive their pocket money on time, no matter where they are in the world. The pocket money alarm clock provides regular reminders.

The bling card is available for children aged 7 and over. After that, it grows with the model and the app. You also have the option to give your child more freedom year after year. In this way, it learns how to handle money reliably step by step and starts life debt-free.

Here are all the benefits at a glance:

  • Children and young people learn how to handle money safely
  • clear app for a better overview
  • all transactions at a glance
  • Families set rules and limits
  • Real-Time Transaction Messaging
  • Payment is possible on site and online
  • Can be combined with many banks
  • easy setting of savings goals
  • Tasks with rewards are possible
  • Pocket money always there on time
  • Concept developed with independent educators
  • No more analog piggy bank or dusty current accounts with limited use

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Is bling compatible with N26?

Cooperation with Mastercard is essential so that the prepaid card works everywhere. Wherever Mastercard is allowed, you can easily pay with the Bling Card.

The Bling Card is completely independent. It can be combined with any bank, regardless of whether they offer child accounts or not. For example, N26 also likes the new form of banking for children. The whole thing costs 2.99 euros a month in combination with the appropriate app, so that money can be received, spent, saved and accumulated in the account.

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The Bling Card has high educational benefits for children and adolescents. You learn to value and save money early on. Payment locally and online is also much easier with the prepaid card than before. In spite of everything, you don't lose track of what money is being spent on. You can also transfer money to your child at any time and also give rewards. You set limits yourself and always maintain the necessary control. In combination with the app developed by teachers, your child is ideally prepared for later handling money and saves money in a targeted manner.

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