Where do I apply for child benefit?


In Germany, families are entitled to child benefit for every underage child. The state support is paid regardless of your income and is granted to you from the birth of your child. However, child benefit is not paid automatically - you have to apply for it separately. For many young parents expecting their first child, this raises questions such as "Where do I apply for child benefit?", "Where do I send the child benefit application?" and "What deadlines apply to the application?". In this article you will find everything you need to know about applying for child benefit.

What is child benefit actually intended for?

The state contribution is paid to parents for the care, upbringing and general subsistence of their children. It should be a relief for families, all Expenses related to the education of children to cover. What do you do that for child support Finally, use is at your discretion. In general, parents spend the same amounts of money on food, clothing, leisure activities and daily expenses associated with everyday family life.

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Applying for child benefit: everything you need to know

Young parents have to organise a lot of things before giving birth. The many questions that arise about the birth of a child also include the consideration: Where do I apply for child support? The family fund in your federal state is responsible for this. The amount of the amounts is adjusted regularly, for example due to inflation. The previous graduation, which included more child benefit per child for more children, has now been abolished.

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What do you need to apply for child benefit?

Where do I apply for child benefit and what documents do I need? You can only apply for child benefit after the birth of your child. However, you can collect the most important documents in advance so that you receive the first payment as soon as possible. Although you can also submit missing documents later, processing will be delayed in this case. But: What exactly do you need to apply for child benefit?

Applying for child benefit — these are the most important documents:

  • Child's birth certificate
  • Parents' tax identification number
  • Child's tax identification number
  • Applicants' proof of childhood

You can also apply for child benefit for a child who is already of legal age. In this case, you need a certificate of continuing school attendance, the start of training or studies.

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Where do I apply for child benefit in Germany?

In order to receive child benefit, you must submit a written application to the family fund responsible for you. The application must be made in writing and signed by you personally. You can get the form on the family fund website. Since a personal signature from you is required for processing, it is best to print out the application, sign it and then send it by post to the respective address. By the way: If you don't have your own printer, you can fill out the form online, print it out and send it signed to your family fund by post.

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The right address for the child benefit application: where to submit?

On the Internet, you can find directories with the addresses of Child benefit funds. Responsibility depends on your postal code. As a rule, there is a separate cash register for every city within your federal state. The best way to find out the contact details is from the Internet. A reliable source for address research is Federal Employment Agency website. If you submit the application online, the form is automatically sent to the correct address.

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Submit a child benefit application online: This is how it works

Alternatively, you can Apply for child benefit online. This naturally raises the question: Where do I apply for child support online? You can apply for child benefit from birth via the website of the Federal Employment Agency. The online application is submitted using the ELSTER software. In this case, you no longer need to print out and sign the form, but use your tax identification number to identify yourself. You will be guided intuitively through the application process and can apply for child benefit step by step. The Federal Employment Agency receives documents that are required via your current registration data with Elster. The online child benefit application is, of course, free of charge, as is the application sent by post.

You can also apply for child benefit from home using the ELSTER software.

Deadlines and dates for applying for child benefit

After the question”Where do I apply for child support“Once clarified, it is now time to point out the corresponding deadlines. It is best to submit the application as early as possible so that you receive your money reliably and on time. From the day your child is born, you have three months to apply to receive the full amount you are entitled to.

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Can I apply for child benefit retroactively?

In the first weeks of life, you naturally have a lot to do with your baby. It can happen that you don't even have time to talk about questions such as”Where do I apply for child support“to think. You can apply for child benefit from the day your child is born within the first 14 months of life. However, child benefit is only paid retroactively for three months. The date on which the application is submitted is valid. You can also submit documents later if you do not have them to hand for the application.

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How long does it take until child support is paid

The processing time for the child benefit application may vary. It usually takes a few weeks until the application is processed and you receive a letter of approval. However, there are a number of factors that can influence the processing time, such as the workload of the family fund, the completeness of the submitted documents and possible inquiries or evidence that must be requested. It is therefore important that you submit all documents as completely as possible to avoid delays in processing.

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On what date will I receive the child benefit?

After the application has been approved, child support payments are made monthly. The last number of your child benefit number is decisive for the payout date. With this number, you can find out about the corresponding payout dates on the Internet. For the final digit 0, for example, the payout dates are always at the beginning of the month. The payout dates for the final digit 8 are in the middle or in the second half of the month.

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