fixed fees.

only 0.59 % fund costs per year

No fixed costs and custody account fees

All inclusive

0.59 % of the volume per year

When investing, the fees must not be higher than the return. That's why Sparbaum is free of charge. There are no costs for deposits and withdrawals, custody account management or our app.

0.59% per year is deducted directly from the performance for investments in sustainable funds.

This is all included

Active risk management

Fund experts actively manage

Free custody account in Germany

With a German IBAN at DAB BNP

Your money, your choices

Deposits and withdrawals at any time, free of charge

As always, no hidden costs

Just as you know it from Bling

Pay in and out flexibly every day

Full flexibility. Deposit and withdraw funds at any time and change your savings rate.

Pay in and out flexibly.

Investing becomes child's play.

Support from A to Z

We take you by the hand and give you answers to the most important questions within the app. This makes investing child's play.

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How is the 0.59 % per year charged?

For the investment in the sustainable funds, 0.59% per year is deducted directly from the performance. The total costs of the EVERGREEN funds, the so-called Total Expense Ratio (TER), is 0.59% per year and is deducted directly within the funds, as is usual for mutual funds, and the costs in mutual funds are always calculated depending on the amount of money invested. The amount shown in your savings trees therefore always reflects the actual value of your investment after all costs, but before tax if applicable. The costs within the funds of 0.59% per year are accrued daily so that the fund price does not jump when the fund management fee is deducted.

The fund costs (TER) amount to 0.59% per year. For an investment amount of EUR 500, the fund costs amount to EUR 2.95 per year. For an investment amount of EUR 5,000, the costs are EUR 29.50 per year or around EUR 2.46 per month. The fees are deducted directly from the fund, so the current fund price is always after costs.

Do the costs differ depending on the investment amount?

No. The fund costs do not differ according to investment amount or frequency.