What is the DAX? Not an animal, but like the soccer league!


The DAX is not an animal! 🦡 But you know what? It's still totally exciting! And the best thing is, it's actually not that difficult to understand, even for children! 💡

Imagine that the DAX is like a huge soccer team, but instead of players, this team consists of the best German companies. Just like in soccer, there are different positions, except that this is about technology, cars and finances. Every company has its own role in the game.

The DAX is like a table in which we can see how well the companies are playing. Similar to a soccer tournament, where we see which team scores the most goals, we can see in the DAX which companies are achieving the best results. It's like a competition table!

Sometimes the team in the DAX changes. New companies are joining and others must leave, depending on how well they play. It is similar to a soccer club, where sometimes new players come and others leave the club. The best companies can then play in the DAX and show what they can do.

The DAX is like a very special league for German companies. Here we can see how good they are economically. If the DAX is high, it means that companies are playing super well and the German economy is doing well. It's like a big thumbs up for the economy!

I find it really interesting to watch the DAX. It's almost as exciting as a soccer game. You can see how companies are developing and how the German economy is doing. When the DAX is high, I'm happy because many companies are doing well then. And that is important, because good companies also mean lots of jobs and a strong economy.

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