The task planner for families

Teach your children the value of work. Plan tasks and automatically reward them with small amounts. Free of charge with the Bling pocket money card.

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Our goal: a family household without stress

We developed the task planner so that the whole family can help. And that the organization takes less time.

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The family task planner - earn pocket money by mowing the lawn

Every family has a lot of tasks to do every day. I'm sure that's the case for you too. Many family task planners, which organize all these to-dos, hang in the kitchen or in the hallway. They are then worked on every day by mom, dad and the children, but somehow there is a lack of clarity on the one hand, and motivation on the other for the kids ... there's a better way, isn't there?

We have developed our Bling app with family task planner for this purpose. With its help, you can clearly record all household tasks, assign them to your children and even reward them for completing them. This way, you can manage your everyday life together effortlessly. We'll show you how to use our Bling app cleverly!

Overview of all tasks

Simply reward children


Convey the value of work and reward directly on the Bling Card.

Show your children the value of work with rewards.

Family planner

Add tasks and assign them to the children.

“Now it's finally clear who walks Bello and when.”



Create a task in the Bling app and assign it to a family member.


Your family (including the children) see the task in their apps.


If you want, you can automatically reward children for tasks.

Your household in your pocket.

You plan tasks in the parent app

All see their tasks in their own view

Notifications and rewards are integrated

Connected to your children's Bling Card

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Task planner and bling card: directly connected.

3 euros for mowing the lawn? The reward for the task is sent directly to your child's Bling Card. In real time, of course - and only after your approval.

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Does a reward make sense?

Every family can decide for themselves whether and how they want to reward children

With Bling you have the option of creating a chore chart and rewarding your children for small jobs (e.g. mowing the lawn). This teaches your children the value of work. Even though household work is not included in the gross domestic product, it is still very valuable work.

We have developed the chore planner for household chores. Our specialist group advises against using it for school work and achievements.

How do I plan a task?

- Open and unlock the Bling App
- Go to the child you want to plan pocket money for
- Click on the menu item "Earn" at the bottom right
- Go to "Tasks"
- Decide whether the task is one-off (e.g. spring cleaning) or regular (e.g. doing laundry)
- Click on the blue plus symbol at the top right
- Give the task a name, rhythm and select the child (if you have several Bling Cards)

More information

Weekly schedule for family tasks — cleverly organize with the Bling app

Chaos of notes, abandoned tasks and children's rooms where chaos reigns — we know all of this from everyday family life. Would you have thought that with a little pocket money and a clever app, you could bring a new order and additional motivation to everyday to-do lists? Not only does it sound good, it also works!

Would you like to clearly sort and distribute your family life and all associated tasks and, of course, reward their completion? Then we'll show you our Family task planner in the Bling app.If you want

First of all: It's really wonderfully easy to use and creating tasks can be done in no time at all. Here's how to proceed: First, as a parent, you plan all to-dos. For example, if you want to mow the lawn in your household once a week, you complete this task, with repetitions if necessary, and then assign it to your child.

Of course, you can also create one-time tasks, for example”Clean out the wardrobe“. We have already prepared a few templates in the family task planner so that we can get things started right from the start. The amount of the reward, for example two or three euros, is of course up to you.

The kids don't want to help around the house? With the small rewards, to supplement your pocket money, you create sustainable motivation for your children.

Family planner — why complicated when it can also be easy?

And what is the difference to other family planner apps? It's easy to explain: The family task planner in the Bling app is connected to the Bling money card connected to your kids.

... for all children: Once you have entered the tasks in the family task planner, all of them see their to-dos in their own view. For children, we have made the task overview particularly clear. They only see the tasks assigned to them as individual elements.

A small block contains the task description, for example “cleaning up the room”, the day on which the task is to be completed (at the latest), and the intended reward. Once your child has completed the task, they can note this directly in the Bling app and you release the reward with one click.

... and also for adults: In the family task planner, you of course have a complete overview and can see all of your family's to-dos. Here, of course, it is clear which tasks have been completed and which are still pending.

Your weekly schedule with all family tasks therefore gives you an excellent overview of the current status and shows you exactly which rewards you can still give away. One click and another child is happy!

This family task planner app can do more!

All rewards are loaded into these accounts in real time so that your kids get their well-earned pocket money straight away. Nothing is forgotten here and there is no huge pile of small change, neither in your pockets nor in the kids' pockets. In the app, your child can see at a glance how much money they currently have available. Through the tasks and their associated rewards, the children learn to work for money and also to assess the value of money differently.

Particularly important: It can spend a maximum of this amount and, of course, only with your consent. This is how we guarantee you a perfect overview and very high security in payment transactions. Debt is not possible with the Bling Card and you don't have to worry.

The task plan for your family: Use the template cleverly

With the Bling app, you not only always have an eye on your family responsibilities, but also on each individual family member's income and expenses. This is very practical and helpful, especially for children. As a result, they slowly but surely learn how to handle money and how much it is worth. But that wasn't enough for us. We enable your child to set individual savings goals. For example, if it wants to buy a bicycle, it will buy a new one Savings goal with the corresponding price, and can then see how this savings target is approaching with every income. It's great, isn't it?

You see: With the Bling app and its family task planner, you not only organize your household and weld your family together as a team. You also teach your children the value of work. And that is particularly important today, don't you agree? What's more, you ensure that your children learn how to manage money. You make them Money wise bit by bit, as we like to call it.

Short & sweet: Benefits of the Bling family task planner

We have summarized all the advantages of the Bling app, including a family task planner, in a short and concise way:

  • clear task list
  • Notifications remind you of tasks
  • The rewards are already integrated into the family task planner
  • Pocket money is collected centrally and cashless
  • Saving goals motivate your child
  • All income and expenses always at a glance
  • You decide where your child can pay
  • You will receive a push notification with every payment
  • No debts are possible

So what are you waiting for? Start your family task planner right now with the Bling app!