When can I start buying a Paysafecard?


Do you sometimes have concerns about the security of your personal data or that of your child, who is learning how to make online payments for the first time? With a Paysafecard, you have the option of making online purchases using the prepaid principle. But what is a Paysafecard anyway and when can you buy a Paysafecard?

What is a Paysafecard anyway?

A Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method that allows you to pay online anonymously and securely. It is a physical or digital card with a code that is accepted as a means of payment at participating online shops. The Paysafecard works in a similar way to cash. You can buy them in various denominations and receive a unique, 16-digit PIN code in return. This code is entered when paying in an online shop to deduct the corresponding amount from the Paysafecard. You remain completely anonymous and can pay and shop securely. The card is not connected to your bank account and will allow you to shop online even more securely in the future.

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What can you buy with the Paysafecard?

The Paysafecard is accepted in a wide range of countries around the world. Numerous online shops, for example in the areas of gaming, music, movies and electronics, accept this secure means of payment. The card is also widely used on gaming platforms, for purchases via social media platforms and also as credit for mobile phones. From when you can buy a Paysafecard for the individual services and offers depends on the terms and conditions of the retailers. Minors cannot use the Paysafecard, for example, for gaming portals that are only activated after 18.

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Where can I buy a Paysafecard online without fees?

On the official Paysafecard website, you can find a list of providers from whom you can buy the Paysafecard. Whether and to what extent there are fees and from when you can buy a Paysafecard there depends on the respective shop and its terms and conditions. In any case, you can order your 16-digit code free of charge from the comfort of your home via your MyPaySafe account. Alternatively, you will also be shown a search function on the page, which you can use to find the nearest sales outlet using your zip code. This usually includes gas stations, drugstores and supermarkets as well as post offices.

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What are the benefits of this payment method?

Paysafecard allows anonymous payments, as no personal information has to be provided for purchase and use. This protects your privacy and prevents sensitive information from being revealed. It is also a secure payment method, as there is no need to provide sensitive financial information such as bank accounts or credit card details. This reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft. Paysafecard is accepted worldwide and is available at a variety of online shops, gaming platforms, social networks and other service providers. You are also protected from debt and can only shop for the amount that you have previously loaded onto the card. Young people in particular learn how to handle money safely.

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Is an ID required to use the Paysafecard?

When using a Paysafecard, no ID is usually required. It is an anonymous prepaid payment method that does not require you to provide any personal information. However, you must comply with the applicable regulations as to when you can buy a Paysafecard. So find out beforehand when you can buy Paysafecards in the version you want and which nominal values are suitable for your child. There are a few exceptions and certain situations in which an ID may be required or there may be a restriction on when you can buy and use Paysafecards. For example, certain online shops or service providers may require an ID, in particular when verifying age for content harmful to young people or gambling.

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From what age is the Paysafecard suitable?

In principle, the Paysafecard can be used regardless of age, as it does not impose a minimum age for use. However, you should note that some online stores or service providers may set a minimum age to purchase certain content or services. Paysafecard PIN codes are also available in various denominations. From when you can buy Paysafecards in the various denominations depends on Pocket money paragraphs. Minors may then only transact with the funds that a age-appropriate pocket money correspond. From when you can buy a Paysafecard or the Paysafecard age depends on the following levels:

  • Paysafecard 20€: approx. 12 to 13 years
  • Paysafecard 40€: approx. 14 to 15 years
  • Paysafecard 70€: approx. 16 to 17 years

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Create a mypaysafecard account: That's how it works!

Some providers require that you have a mypaysafecard account. This offers you a number of advantages anyway without losing your anonymity when shopping online. With your own account, you can centrally manage your paysafecard PIN codes in one place, upload PIN codes to your account and use them from there for payments instead of entering them individually.

You also have the option to combine multiple PIN codes to increase your balance. You get a detailed transaction overview and thus an even better overview of your income and expenses.

A mypaysafecard account offers additional security features, such as the option to activate 2-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorised access. So creating an account is definitely worthwhile. Note: There is an age limit of 16 years for the Paysafecard account.

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Sign up for myPaySafeCard — step by step

If you or your child want to register with Paysafecard, you will be guided through the registration process intuitively.

  1. Visit Paysafecard's official website and click on the “registration” or “my Paysafecard” option.
  2. Select the country or place of residence.
  3. Enter your personal information, including name, address, email address, and phone number, if applicable. Make sure you provide accurate information.
  4. Set a password for your account. Choose a strong password that consists of a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  5. Accept paysafecard's terms of use and privacy policy.
  6. After registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration.
  7. As soon as you have confirmed your registration, you can log into your paysafecard account using your email address and password.

Are you wondering whether you can also use the card without registration? Yes, you do not necessarily have to register yourself or your child to use the payment service. You don't have to leave any personal details or connect your card to a bank account. However, the maximum payment amount without your own MyPaySafe account is limited to €50. In Germany, on the other hand, the transaction limit with registration is 1500€. In addition, many shops require registration to accept the Paysafecard.

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Which Paysafecards are there?

The Paysafecard is available in two different variants, each of which works independently of an existing bank account. From when you can buy the respective Paysafecards depends on the payment method offered.

  1. Buy classic Paysafecard online as a PIN code
    With this variant, you buy a paysafecard code in the desired face value in selected online shops. You will receive this code directly online after payment. It is important that you never give it to third parties, because anyone who knows the code can also pay with it.
    From when can you buy this Paysafecard? From when you can buy this type of Paysafecard depends on the payment methods accepted. For example, some providers accept a debit card, which Bling already has for children and young people.
  2. Paysafecard-Mastercard
    The Paysafecard Mastercard is a special prepaid card that combines the functions of a Paysafecard with those of a Mastercard. With the Paysafecard Mastercard, users can pay both online and offline, similar to using a conventional credit or debit card.
    From when can you buy these Paysafecards? In principle, there are no age restrictions here either, but minors must present the consent of their legal guardians and receive a so-called Paysafecard “Youth”, which blocks purchases of non-age-typical product groups. This contributes to the safety of minors.

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Which Paysafecard is right for you?

Which of the two options you ultimately choose depends, of course, entirely on you and your wishes. The Paysafecard Mastercard works on a prepaid basis. You first load money onto the card and then you can pay with it — without running the risk of debt. The charged amount can be used for purchases and payments both online and offline. The Paysafecard Mastercard offers an online management function that allows you to monitor your card account, view transactions and set the card limit. But the classic Paysafecard with PIN code is also a secure payment option.

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Summary: From when can you buy Paysafecards?

In principle, there are no restrictions on when you can buy Paysafecards for yourself or your child. However, both the card sales outlets and the shops where you can pay with it set their own rules. From when you can buy Paysafecards depends on the pocket money paragraph, for example. Your child will only receive nominal values that are suitable for their age group. A minimum age of 16 years is required to register in an online account. In addition, you must always carry out age verification in certain stores that offer age-restricted products.

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